“Our country, and our city, faces serious challenges. We need to come together to lift up those who are struggling, protect our health, build on our prosperity, and plan our shared future. As a teacher, a small business owner, and a community leader, I have the experience and the integrity to build bridges, bridges between divisions within our community and bridges between what we value most about our heritage and what we envision for the future.” 
Jerry's Priorities

Strengthening our economy

  • We need funding grants for the Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Plan, which has been enthusiastically embraced by the community, showing what is possible when we bring local business leaders, government and the broader community together;

  • Invest in broadband access and workforce housing (including Accessory Dwelling Units and “tiny homes”) so that young people, both professional and service industry, can afford to lay down roots and build families;

  • Filling commercial space that is available in town and supporting jobs programs like REACH can help keep our world champion AHS Greybots local, making the Central Coast a tech hub.

Reducing homelessness

  • Restore mobile mental health services, the highly effective coordinated outreach partnership with mental health and police that we lost because our city’s officer pay is so much lower than nearby cities;  

  • Support civic partnerships with ECHO, Transitional Food and Shelter, and other volunteer organizations to provide accessible restroom, sanitation, food, and temporary shelter services;

  • Develop regional zoning and housing policies, work with the Homeless Services Oversight Council, that provide long-term solutions and avoid shifting populations from one town to another.

Ensuring public safety and health

  • Government is only as good as the people you have working for you, and Atascadero has been defunding the police for 20 years;

  • Atascadero spends less on police ($222 per person) than any other city in SLO County. If we want to keep quality police who will build healthy relationships with the people they serve, we need to be more competitive;

  • We need another fire fighter position next year, and we already have fewer fire fighters and public works employees compared to cities with less acreage, roads and infrastructure needs.

Planning for our future

  • Fully implement the Emergency Preparedness Plan to build resilience and protect the city from natural disasters;

  • Protect homeowner’s and developer property rights from inappropriate use and zoning in non-commercial areas, no special favors;

  • Listening sessions, workshops and greater collaboration with civic organizations to build bridges of trust, plan for the needs of our growing elderly population, and provide a nurturing environment for our children.


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